A New Podcast & Schedule

A New Podcast & Schedule

Yes, next Tuesday, Scary Outside will be launching a new podcast & schedule.

Brian’s Neighbourhood watch will become part of Scary Outside podcasts weekly comedy podcast shows.

Brian's neighbourhood watch comedy podcast

Brian’s Neighbourhood watch is a sketch show about a guy called Brian, who decides to start spying on his neighbours with his new spy kit.
Featuring fantastic characters, that only Siôn could dream up such as:
Trouser Guy, Gerald & Martha, Pie Man, Dmitri, Horny Pete and Genderqueer Ann.

I’d been looking for a format that would allow me to create a mini sketch show with many different characters that I can let my hair down (I don’t have any) and be outrageous.

God (I mean Siôn – Creator of Scary Outside)

Scary Outside will continue to release podcasts every Tuesday morning alternating between Brian’s Neighbourhood Watch, Me Me Me Magazine and Two Old Men in a Shed.

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