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Each week we release an episode from our different series of comedy podcasts.

Scary Outside is a set of comedy podcasts and videos with a slightly strange humour and sometimes politically incorrect.

Scary Outside is a creative project started as a hobby by one man, a man from Wales, called Siôn (why am I speaking in the third person?)

Siôn, I mean me, moi, have always enjoyed being creative and enjoyed making people laugh. So, while I am in my mid-thirties, I thought I might as well give it a go before I become a sad old man. Cue – extensive and sometimes obsessive research into podcasting / youtube and comedy.

Here is the result. A weekly podcasts that rotates between episodes from our different series.

Our Comedy Podcast Series

Two Old Men in a Shed

Two Old Men who don’t know where they are or what they are doing!

Join Alfred and Geoffrey as they forget their show notes and talk about life, ducks and whatever they can remember.
A show that will make you laugh, think and hope you don’t become as old as Geoffrey

Crazy Stories

scary outside - crazy stories - sex toy comedy podcasts

Featuring stories that are so unbelievably false that they must be truly false. Stories designed to look like they’ve come from a cheap glossy women’s magazine. Stories about relationships with animals that are too close, being sold for camels and strange places to give birth.

Brian’s Neighbourhood Watch

Brian's Neighbourhood Watch - Scary Outside comedy podcasts

A sketch show about Brian, a local nutter, who has bought himself a spy kit and decided to spy on his local community. Featuring weird, wonderful and sometimes over-stereotypical characters, Brian’s Neighbourhood watch is the sketch-show comedy podcast to listen to!

Quick History Interviews

scary outside comedy podcasts - quick history interviews

Available to subscribers on our Patreon page. Quick History Interviews is one of many extras that Patreon subscribers can listen too. Our rubbish time-travelling interviewer travels back in time to visit some of history’s most famous figures. He only has enough time to ask them five questions.


I’ll never read it!

—Some old guy in the bus stop

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