Learn English

Scary Outside has a dedicated section to learners of the English language.

Learn English with our funny podcasts, videos and materials.

Why Learn English with Scary Outside?

Many audio, video and podcasts for learning English are very academic and boring. We at Scary Outside believe that you need to have fun and laugh in order to be motivated to learn English.

We focus on your listening comprehension and pronunciation.

How Can Scary Outside Help to Learn English?

  • Improve your listening comprehension with native speakers
  • You’ll be motivated to try and understand because of the interesting and funny content.
  • You can review the texts / scripts from the shows to see what you didn’t understand and then work on the pronunciation of these words.

This is not a boring academic podcasts where you stop listening after 2 minutes.

Who is it for?

Scary Outside is designed for English learners with a level of English that is intermediate or higher.

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