The Launch of the Scary Outside Podcasts

The Launch of the Scary Outside Podcasts

Yes! This is it!

The Scary Outside podcasts are now available on all major networks:



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Yes! This is the launch of Scary Outside podcasts!

Scary Outside is a series of podcasts run by one man from Wales (me, Siôn) with the aim of making someone chuckle. Plus, I love writing, creating and playing the part of the many characters that appear and will appear in the podcasts!

At first, there are two main podcasts, which will be released weekly alterantively:

Two Old Men in a Shed


Me Me Me Magazine

Two Old Men in a Shed is a podcast by two old men called Alfred and Geoffrey. Alfred just wants to get away from his wife and misses the old days of the wireless, so he has roped his only friend, Geoffrey. Unfortunately, Geoffrey doesn’t have a clue where he is.

Me Me Me Magazine podcast is the magazine where you would not want to get your lifestyle and fashion advice.

Incredible ‘based on a true story’ stories from our readers, Fashion advice by Trinnie, awful adverts and an Agony Aunt who got the job because she was the oldest person in the office.

Me Me Me Magazine podcast cover artwork

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This is a solo project born out of a hobby and the desire to be creative and funny, but I would always appreciate your support.

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